eSchool SaaS – School Management System with Student | Parents Flutter App | Laravel Admin


eSchool SaaS – School Management System with Student | Parents Flutter App | Laravel Admin

Streamlined Admissions:

School Admin can effortlessly add new students, gathering comprehensive details for each student. Capture essential information such as personal details, contact information, academic records, and more.

Efficient Student Management:

Effectively manage students throughout their academic journey. Enabling you to categorise them based on their current status (active, pass out, or failed).

Password Reset Management:

Administrators can review and approve/disapprove password change requests submitted by students. Ensures that students have control over their account security.

Bulk Data Upload in CSV Format:

Save time and effort by adding multiple students simultaneously using the bulk data upload feature. This accelerates the onboarding process, especially during the beginning of a new academic year.


Educational institutions can choose from a variety of packages to meet their needs. These purchased as part of a package or as add-on options as well as charged with per active students and staff.

Unified Semesters and Streams Management

Semester: allows school administration to specify the duration of semesters, start and end dates, and the designated semesters for classes. Streams: School Admin can create stream with categories standard.

Expense Management:

This version offer to school admin, create expenses report with categories wise and manage specifically.

Payroll Management:

school administration can seamlessly organize, report, and manage payroll, including detailed information, payroll-specific reports, and additional costs.

Staff Management

Administrator roles allow you to perform all actions, including creating employees, assigning permissions, and generating reports.

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