GroFresh – (Grocery, Pharmacy, eCommerce, Store) App and Web with Laravel Admin Panel + Delivery App


GroFresh – (Grocery, Pharmacy, eCommerce, Store) App and Web with Laravel Admin Panel + Delivery App

GroFresh is a Multi Branch supported Grocery, Pharmacy, eCommerce, or Store product delivery management system that comes with the user app, website and delivery man app. With this powerful system, you will get a powerful admin panel built with Laravel Framework that will help you manage the whole system smartly which accelerates your business.


  1. Clean & Maintainable Coding Structure
  2. Elegant, Clean & Awesome UI Design
  3. LTR & RTL Supported
  4. Complete Featured Website, User & Delivery Man App
  5. Multi-branch with branch panel
  6. Self Pickup & Home delivery both supported
  7. Delivery coverage area
  8. Powerful Admin Panel
  9. Rich Analytics & Reports
  10. Multiple Payment Gateway
  11. Chat, Coupon, Tracking, Review, Push Notification, etc. Pro Features
  12. High-Level Support
  13. More features Coming in the Next Release.


User App Features-

  1. Multi-branch supported
  2. Coverage area
  3. Self Pickup & Home delivery
  4. Splash & OnBoarding screen
  5. Login and Registration with email & password
  6. Password reset option using confirmation OTP
  7. Multiple languages
  8. LTR & RTL supported
  9. Smart homepage with category, set menu, banner & latest items.
  10. Promotional banner option with category or item redirection
  11. Nice category & subcategory page
  12. Search item with search suggestions
  13. Filter option in the search
  14. Cart screen with the dynamic configurable payment method
  15. Promo code system
  16. Order list and details
  17. Order tracking with live delivery man location
  18. Save addresses for quick order
  19. In-app chatting with the restaurant owner
  20. Custom notification
  21. User profile
  22. Dark & Light theme for better user experience.

Delivery Man Features-

  1. Splash & Login with email and password.
  2. Active order list
  3. Order details with Start delivery and Confirm delivery button
  4. Delivery success screen with the receivable amount from the customer
  5. Google map direction for customer delivery location
  6. Delivered order history
  7. Delivery man profile
  8. LTR & RTL supported
  9. Dark & Light theme

Admin Dashboard Features-

  1. Branch management
  2. Order management
  3. Food category & subcategory management
  4. Food variation & addon management
  5. Food item & set menu management
  6. Chat with customer
  7. Send custom notification
  8. Coupon management
  9. Customer management
  10. Delivery man management
  11. Rich Analytics & Reports
  12. Restaurant business settings

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January 1, 2021

I\'m not a tech person and I was able to create project by myself, setup different sections and much more! This script is AWESOME and the documentation is great.

Focuz Power
Focuz Power
April 28, 2021

Super awesome product and A++ grade customer support! Everything is perfect

Gagandeep Singh
Gagandeep Singh
May 24, 2021

Just a perfect software, no bugs, great features, congratulations and thank you

Manish kumar
Manish kumar
June 5, 2021

Code quality and documentation are great. I recommend this product for your projects.

Nguyen Vinh Loc
Nguyen Vinh Loc
November 5, 2021

Super awesome product and A++ grade customer support! Everything is perfect

Rahul Gupta
Rahul Gupta
December 20, 2021

Excelente, sin duda mi favorito

Meer Al-amin
Meer Al-amin
December 23, 2021

It\'s GREAT. It\'s AMAZING. So many feature….. easy to customize. Easy to learn (even for a guy like me with no design/coding background)

Samir Derardja
Samir Derardja
December 24, 2021

Valid service. They offer all kinds of plugins and themes sort of as an agency. Ideal for students, startups and hobbyist who\'s planning to build more professional sites without having thousands dollars to use every theme or plugin.

Giovanny Carreño
Giovanny Carreño
December 25, 2021

Authentic products and great customer support. Thank you keep it up.

Syed Atif Sadaqat
Syed Atif Sadaqat
December 26, 2021

Wow, the guys at are absolutely amazing when it comes to assisting their clients and customers. They are quick to respond to support tickets and have no problem to deal with each query professional and with detailed sharing of information. Highly Recommended! 🙂

Aleksandr Baidaliuk
Aleksandr Baidaliuk
December 27, 2021

أنت لا تحتاج إلى خبرة في البرمجة ، وسوف تفعل ذلك خطوة بخطوة مع دعم ممتاز

Gagandeep Singh
Gagandeep Singh
December 29, 2021

Brilliant script. Worth every bucks

Evelyn Butler
Evelyn Butler
December 29, 2021

100% reccomended. Thanks for selling this script for me.

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