Cam Scanner : Document Scanner 2023


Cam Scanner : Document Scanner 2023



Are you looking for a scanner app to replace CamScanner?

Use CamScanner features to handle your paperwork with ease.

Say goodbye to huge and ugly copy machines and get this ultra-fast scanner app for free now.


CamScanner will turn your device into a powerful portable scanner that recognizes text automatically (OCR) , and help you become more productive in your work and daily life. Download this

scanner app for free to instantly scan, save, and share any document in PDF, JPG , Word or TXT formats.

Why you should use PDF Scanner: ✔️ No watermark ✔️ No login ✔️ Free to use in basic features with scanner app ✔️ Trusted by more than 1 million users around the world

DOCUMENT SCANNER – This tiny yet powerful free scanner app is a must-have for students and anyone involved in a small business: accountants, realtors, managers, or lawyers. – Scan anything you need, including receipts, contracts, paper notes, fax papers, books, and store your scans as multipage PDF or JPG files.

VARIOUS SCANNING MODES – ID-CARD \ PASSPORT – a mode specifically designed for fast and convenient scanning of ID-documents. – QR CODE – read any QR-code with your device camera.

PDF CREATOR and CONVERTER – Make pdf document, pdf files and pdf photo easily by the following function : create pdf from a website, convert document files (doc to pdf, ppt to pdf, excel to pdf, image to pdf, photo to pdf), and get fast pdf download – Supported file formats: pdf, jpg, doc, docx, txt, xls, xlsm, xlsx, csv, ppt, pptm, pptx

EASILY SHARE – Share files for commenting or viewing in WhatsApp, iMessage, Microsoft Teams. – Collect comments from multiple people in one file online. – Speed document reviews by responding to each other’s comments. – Receive activity notifications for files you’ve shared. – Email attachment or sending the doc link.

INNOVATIVE PDF SCANNER – Scan documents and photos to PDF, JPG, or TXT – Easily scan multiple pages into one document – Recognize text from any scannable object with OCR – Put your electronic signature on documents

HANDY DOCUMENT EDITOR \ FILE MANAGER – Edit scans using color correction and noise removing features – Use file manager with folders, drag \ drop, and document editing features – Protect your confidential scans by locking folders and files with PIN

Scan to PDF Scan any document and convert to PDF with your mobile device. PDF Scanner has got you covered with our pdf maker. Receipts, documents, business cards, whiteboards, ID’s, books and photos – From image to pdf immediately with camera scanner

Scan ID Card Easily Scan your identity cards and keep them in the document Scanner App

EASY DOCUMENT SHARING – Scan documents and share them in just a few taps – Print contracts and invoices right from the scanning app – Share and upload scanned documents to cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, OneDrive. – With this secure free scanner app, any scanned or exported documents are stored locally on your iPhone, and neither we nor any third-party can access them.



CamScanner is an application produced and published by Errorhunt. Your contribution is something we always appreciate. If you have any questiones please contact ASAP via mail err[email protected] so we can continue to improve product quality.

Thank you very much.

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