Note App – Usign Kotlin & Jetpack Compose + MongoDB + Firebase + Admob ads


Note App – Usign Kotlin & Jetpack Compose + MongoDB + Firebase + Admob ads

The name of this app is ‘My Daily Note’. It is a Note taking android app with attractive User Interface and professional look. There are many beautiful features. This app is designed with Kotlin & powerful, modern toolkit Jetpack Compose that is recommended by Google. For using this app user need to login with their gmail. We use ‘One Tap Google’ Signin process that is very simple & user friendly.

For backend we used MongoDB and Firebase Database. Also we have used Admob ads and ads are very user friendly. If you want to change your ads or turn off your ads then you don’t need to update your app, you can control Admob Ads from Firebase Database that is really Amazing! If internet connection is lost when uploading image or delete note or something else then when you back in online then the app sync them automatically that is really awesome!

And there are another feature is ‘App Update Alert’. When you update your app user will see ‘Update Alert Dialog’ and they won’t cancel that alert without updating, so this is very helpful feature for you!

For splash screen we use modern Splash Api that is very simple & easy. And the app has much more functionalities. Hope you will find it useful…


App Features:

  • New Splash API
  • One Tap Google Login, so no need to signup with email & password.
  • You can attach one or more images with note.
  • Date based note showing.
  • Filter Notes by date.
  • Sticky Header.
  • Admob Ads & Ads Control from server. No need to update app if ads turn off or changes ads ID.
  • Delete single note and All notes together.
  • Edit & update notes even change the date & time.
  • Color for each note.
  • App Update Alert to the user and much more…


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