MauiKit – XAML templates for .NET MAUI


MauiKit – XAML templates for .NET MAUI


☕ MAUI Kit Overview

MAUI Kit offers a set of beautiful XAML UI pages, templates, controls and helpers made for .NET MAUI. These cover the most typical Mobile UI patterns and are crafted by developers, for developers.

MAUI Kit is based on the MVVM pattern ensuring a clean separation between the UI and the viewmodels through data bindings. MAUI Kit is framework agnostic so you can choose any MVVM framework you feel comfortable with.

We let you focus on the business logic and almost forget about the UI by providing:

  • 100+ ready-made XAML pages and templates
  • rich flexible layouts with animations and gradients
  • more than 8k icons
  • a rich UI control library that includes amimations, maps, actions sheet, drawer, checkboxes, and so on
  • and more upcoming…

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