Math Puzzles Game (Android Studio + Admob + Leaderboard)


Math Puzzles Game (Android Studio + Admob + Leaderboard)

MathPuzzles is an application that you can practice math by solving various types of puzzles.

The game contains 21 different puzzle types and their solutions. Numbers in the puzzles are dynamically created. So, users see a different question every time


  • Android Studio project
  • Developed with Java
  • Compatible with phones and tablets (The app fits to different screen sizes)
  • Android versions from Android 5 to Android 12 are supported
  • Admob integrated (Rewarded and Interstitial ads)
  • Latest Admob SDK
  • Google play games leaderboard is integrated
  • Google play in-app reviews api is integrated (Users can submit reviews wtihout leaving the app)
  • Light & Dark theme
  • Example privacy policy included. You can replace with your own or just simply edit it
  • Ready to publish



  • Latest version of Android Studio

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