Language Translator : Voice Translation | Speak to Translate | Dictionary & Subscriptions with Admob


Language Translator : Voice Translation | Speak to Translate | Dictionary & Subscriptions with Admob


Disclaimer : This app uses third-party free API services for translate, you can check check documentation from the official website For dictionary you can find documentation


All languages translator app provides a list of famous languages, which is very advantageous for students or learners worldwide.

The fast and easy language translator app to convert text, phrases, or photos to any language. The interpreter now all is built with multiple learning features. In addition to all language translation. It gives you voice translator & OCR text translator features, scans text and Interpreter it to your required lingo.

Speak translator is an effective feature of this app. Easy speak Interpreter with voice, text and OCR camera into your desired language. Just click on the mic button and speak it once then Auto-translates them into a second language.

Easy Speak Translator Supported Languages:
Afrikaans, Turkish, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Bengali, Thai, Bosnian, Telugu, Bulgarian, Tamil, Cantonese, Swedish, Catalan, Swahili, Spanish, Slovenian, Croatian, Slovak, Czech, Simplified Chinese, Danish, Samoan, Dutch, Russian, English, Romanian, Estonian, Portuguese, Polish, Filipino, Persian, Finnish, Norwegian, French Traduire, Maltese, German Übersetzen, Malay, Greek, Malagasy, Hebrew, Lithuanian, Hindi, Latvian, Hungarian, Korean Interpreter, Icelandic, Japanese, Indonesian, Italian etc.

Instant Translation Features:
• Instant Speech Dictation of the Entered Text
• Translate Now English to French
• Spanish English Voice Translation
• Japanese English and English to Hindi
• Language Interpreter Easily Translates Now Spanish
• Interpreter English to Urdu
• Translate English to Arabic
• Fast Turkish to English
• Easy Translates English to Korean
• Latin Translation Into All
• English Dictionary Interpreter in All Languages
• English Portuguese Easy Translator
• Translates English to Tamil Typing

Text & Audio translation app
The service translates separate words, phrases or text. You can either let it listen to spoken languages. The multi-language translation will be carried out instantly and precisely. You will be able to see the translation and listen to it.

AI Photo Translator
Thanks to the OCR technology, the camera translator can easily recognize written characters. Show it a road sign, a restaurant menu, a document, a foreign newspaper or translate text from images by choosing from the gallery. Smart algorithms independently translate using the camera.

Talks mode
You can easily understand your interlocutor, and he will be able to understand you. Just touch the “speech recognition” button and speak in the dialogue format.

If you come across an unknown phrase in another app, a website or message, you can copy and paste it into the text or photo translator. Check your history at any time to read and listen to new expressions once again.

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