Kyle Pro – Premium Random Video & Dating and Matching (PHP & MySql)


Kyle Pro – Premium Random Video & Dating and Matching (PHP & MySql)



  • Matching :
    The app automatically arranges the suggested friends as gender & interests and likes , so it suggests the right person first , which means higher matching rate and more users for the application
  • Random video :
    ِAll search stuf is works on the server , then it’s sends to the user a random person among all available people
  • 3D Filters/Effects :
    It is not only a random video chat ! , There are many Interesting and fun features like faces, filters, effects, send likes, chat and more.This will ensure that users will not leave the application for a long time and will earn more profits
  • Admob :
    We have implemented Ads on Navigate between random users, in a way that does not alienate your customers It is attractive and elegant, and you can also remove it by purchasing the VIP membership
  • Rooms Cloud Recording :
    Now Admin Can Review Rooms history With video recording for every call
  • Gems store :
    Where you can buy Gems/Subscriptions
  • Earn Gems :
    Users can earn gems by Referrer , watching ads , share the app , rate the app
  • Referrer :
    Each user has his own invitation code, when a new user types it while registration , the owner of the code will earn some gems
  • Report / suspende system :
    Users can report nudity or bad language and then directly will be sent to the admin for take action
  • Paid Memberships :
    users can subscriptions at VIP , Gems Plus , Match Plus
  • Messenger System :
    Users who became friends By searching, matching or random will have Integrated chat system ( Send text , pictures , voice msseages) and They are also will be able to make voice or video calls Between each other and Change conversation color
  • Social login :
    Creating account will take Just a few seconds by facebook and google sign-in
  • Google translation :
    If the friends are from different countries or languages there is auto translate switch , Which will make different languages problem from the past , It will make users in your app able to create friends across the world
  • Built-in notifications :
    All application notifications appear in the upper bar, which saves time instate of leaving app for read the notify
  • Anti-cheat System :
    If user tries to cheat or buy jewels through the root tool “lucky patcher” his account will be suspended automatically
  • Push notifications :
    Admin can send notify to one or all users through the admin panel
  • Full Control Admin panel :
    allows you manage whole app , users & reports & statistics & analytics and more (The features are detailed below)
  • Support many languages :
    The application is eazy translatable with supports for English , Chinese , Arabic , Filipino , French , Hindi , Japanese , Korean , Romanian , German , Italian , Russian , Turkish , More Coming Soon ..
  • More :
    We have just written few features about the application , beacuse it more than 150,000 line of code so we cannot count everything, but of course you can try demo version to discover everything yourself


Integrated APIS / SDK

  • Admob
    Earn Money by Ads & Rewarded Video to users
  • Google SDK
    Login with Google / Maps / place picker
  • Facebook SDK
    login with Facebook
  • Deepar (note it’s for free now)
    Real Time in call video 3d filters / effects
  • Agora
    Fast & economic video and audio calls SDK
  • Cloud Translation
    Translate chat betwen users with multi languages
  • Google Payments
    in app products/subscriptions with Anti-cheat system

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Naim Hafidz
Naim Hafidz
February 10, 2021

Best of this type script. Excellent code quality, tons of features and good customer support.

Evelyn Butler
Evelyn Butler
February 14, 2021

أنت لا تحتاج إلى خبرة في البرمجة ، وسوف تفعل ذلك خطوة بخطوة مع دعم ممتاز

Giovanny Carreño
Giovanny Carreño
April 27, 2021

They say nothing is perfect, but this script almost is! A lot of features, works very well and it is also flexible and easy to customize, both from the user interface and through code.

Gospel Uwam
Gospel Uwam
August 28, 2021

Perfect customer support! We needed a little extra customization and GplCode.Net team went above and beyond to help. They helped me with my problem in less than an hour. It was startling how helpful they were. Thank you guys!

Evelyn Butler
Evelyn Butler
November 5, 2021

I like flexibility and Good support

Shahzad Ahmad
Shahzad Ahmad
November 13, 2021

Good service, just i wish they had some lifetime updates alternative purchasing option also, even if it was at a higher price.

Debizet Mokdad
Debizet Mokdad
December 23, 2021

This a a sweet script. It is complex because it does a LOT of things.

Haritha Rathnayake
Haritha Rathnayake
December 24, 2021

Very good and awesome work! I highly recommend to anyone who wants to buy script.

Robert Connor
Robert Connor
December 25, 2021

Awesome !! great script !! thank you very much <3

Muhammad Ashraf
Muhammad Ashraf
December 26, 2021

Very happy with my purchase. The project is very beautiful, configurable and best customer support. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to buy script.

Fábio Neves
Fábio Neves
December 28, 2021

I recommend this script, it\'s perfect. And exceptionally fast support. Thx Gplcode Team!

Sokoty Koffi
Sokoty Koffi
December 30, 2021

Code quality and documentation are great. I recommend this product for your projects.

December 31, 2021

Very good and awesome work! I highly recommend to anyone who wants to buy script.

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