Halo Doctor – Video Call Doctor Booking Appointment Timeslot with Firebase


Halo Doctor – Video Call Doctor Booking Appointment Timeslot with Firebase


Halo Doctor – Doctor Booking Appointment with Video Call Webrtc

In the current situation it is sometimes difficult to meet a doctor face-to-face, and most people, many are also afraid to consult a doctor, because they might think the cost is quite expensive, Now with the development of technology, we can solve that problem by using Video Call technology, client and doctors can conduct consultations from their respective homes then a Helo Doctor application is made which will solve all the problems above,

in this application the client will be facilitated in choosing the specialist he wants based on ratings and reviews as well as the price of the consultation and the client is also made easy to pay,

on the doctor’s side, the doctor will be facilitated in setting the schedule using the timeslot the doctor can set the duration of the consultation and the price, and when the timeslot is purchased by the client the doctor can start a consultation session according to the schedule, and after the consultation is complete and the client is satisfied with the consultation he can give a review to the doctor, and the client payment will be forwarded to the doctor and we as this service provider, can take a cut from every transaction that occurs, that is a little explanation of this application, I’m sure after trying to run the application later you will fully understand this application

What you will get?

  • Halo Doctor – Client App
  • Halo Doctor – Doctor App
  • Both Project above is Full Flutter Project
  • Firebase Cloud Function Project
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Web Documentation & Video Tutorial

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