Filter Everything — WordPress/WooCommerce Product Filter


Filter Everything — WordPress/WooCommerce Product Filter

Build Professional Filtering System for your WooCommerce products or any other Post types by any parameters with the Filter Everything plugin.

It is a new faceted filter plugin and that’s why it is:

  1. Filters almost Everything in WordPress — Products, Posts, any custom Post types.
  2. Works on any page, including Singular and created with Page builders like Elementor, WPBakery Composer, Divi, Oxygen builder etc.
  3. Supports filtering of any custom WP Queries
  4. Has unique SEO features that allow you to make filtering pages available for indexing by Search Engines and increase traffic from them.
  5. Lightweight and Fast.



Websites that already use the Filter Everything

  6. Donations site


Filters Any WordPress Post type

WooCommerce products, posts, recipes, cars, real estate objects and so on.

Can be added on Any WordPress Page

Includnig singular pages created with Page builders like Elementor, Divi builder, Themify, WPBakery Composer, Oxygen builder

Supports custom WP Queries

You can filter posts related with Any WP Query on a page. Including custom WordPress loops placed directly in theme files.

Filters by Any WordPress parameters

Well for example:

  • Price, Sale price or any numeric value from Custom Fields.
  • Product rating
  • Product Category, Tag or Any custom Product Taxonomy
  • Any product Attribute: size, color, length, width, weight etc
  • All Product statuses: On Sale, In Stock, Downloadable, Backordered, Featured etc
  • Product Type: Variable, Simple, Grouped, External
  • Shipping class
  • Product Visibility
  • Product Brand
  • Author
  • Any custom WordPress Taxonomy
  • Featured image (exists/not exists)
  • Product/Post Views count
  • Cooking time
  • Calories
  • Anything you can imagine and put into Taxonomy or Custom Field in WordPress.

Compatible with Page Builders

Tested with Elementor, Divi builder, Themify builder, WP Bakery composer, Oxygen builder and others

For filtering results pages. This allow index them by Search Engines, share, bookmark or so

Supports Individual Filters Sets for pages

Allows you to create specific filters for different Categories, Tags or any other pages. Thus, you can filter products or posts by relevant parameters only.

Arbitrary filters order in URL

E.g. /color-blue/size-large/ or /size-large/color-blue/

Make specific filtering pages available for indexing

By Search Engines and get more visitors to your site by “chunky middle” and “long-tail” keywords.

Individual SEO titles, H1 titles and Meta descriptions

For filtering pages

SEO Rules

That allow you to automatically generate H1 title, SEO title and Meta description for filtering pages.

Dynamic recount posts in filter terms

You always know how many products you will see after you select a particular term or set numeric filter value.

Which will be familiar to every WordPress user

Clean filters design

That ensures compatibility with any WordPress themes.

Compatible with any theme design

Just select the filter’s primary color.

Hooks and template overriding feature

That allow to customize filters behavior and appearance specifically as may be need for your site.

Ability to collapse and expand filters

Native WordPress-style dashboard

Smart Scroll

Automatic scrolling to the top of the page, if all found products fit on a single page.

Filters search results

Refine you WordPress search with the Filter Everything plugin

Compatible with caching plugins

  • Tested with page builders: Elementor, Divi theme and builder, Themify builder, WPBakery Composer, Oxygen builder. Should be compatible with all other page builders.
  • Tested and compatible with WPML plugin.
  • Tested with SEO plugins: Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, Rank Math SEO, The SEO Framework, SEOPress and Squirrly SEO.


Filter Everything was chosen as the Featured Item of the week on CodeCanyon!


Filter options

  • Title
  • Filtering parameter
  • URL prefix for filter
  • Meta key (for filters by Custom Field)
  • View [Checkboxes|Radio buttons|Labels list|Dropdown|Range]
  • Filter logic [AND|OR]
  • Sort terms by [Term name|Post count|Term ID]
  • Exclude terms
  • Folding [Enabled|Disabled]
  • Show selected [Enabled|Disabled]
  • Show Hierarchy (for hierarchical taxonomies)
  • Enable range slider? [Enabled|Disabled]
  • Slider Step (numeric value)
  • Tooltip

Filter Set options

  • Location (any page, where the Filter Set should display)
  • WP Query that should be filtered
  • Hide empty terms
  • Show count
  • Hide empty Filters
  • Individual CSS ID or Class of Posts Container
  • Order № – order for pages with two or more Filter Sets

SEO Rules options

  • Post type
  • Filters combination (Archive page + Filters)
  • SEO title
  • Meta description
  • H1 Title
  • SEO Description (SEO text for specific filtering page)

Settings (most important)

  • URL prefixes – order and values
  • Indexed Filters
  • Mobile devices settings
  • AJAX settings
  • Color scheme
  • Smart scroll
  • Layout and behavior customizations

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Manish kumar
Manish kumar
February 6, 2021

Excelente, sin duda mi favorito

David Marulanda Calderón
David Marulanda Calderón
February 8, 2021

Excellent creative option of great quality

Bukunmi Adewumi
Bukunmi Adewumi
March 25, 2021

Super awesome product and A++ grade customer support! Everything is perfect

Köksal Şaka
Köksal Şaka
April 12, 2021

One of the best code I\'ve used so far. It\'s been more than a year now and I still give it a five star. Feels good to get something great at a lower price. Thanks, Gplcode!

Joao Marcelo de Lima
Joao Marcelo de Lima
May 5, 2021

I am using this script for 2 months now and I can say this is adding so much value to your business!

Muhammad Ashraf
Muhammad Ashraf
December 2, 2021

Perfect customer support! We needed a little extra customization and GplCode.Net team went above and beyond to help. They helped me with my problem in less than an hour. It was startling how helpful they were. Thank you guys!

Nguyen Vinh Loc
Nguyen Vinh Loc
December 23, 2021

I\'m not a tech person and I was able to create project by myself, setup different sections and much more! This script is AWESOME and the documentation is great.

Naim Hafidz
Naim Hafidz
December 24, 2021

Awesome !! great script !! thank you very much <3

Humberto Rayo
Humberto Rayo
December 26, 2021

Love this! It makes my projects effective!

Shahzad Ahmad
Shahzad Ahmad
December 26, 2021

Love this! It makes my projects effective!

Giovanny Carreño
Giovanny Carreño
December 26, 2021

Good service, just i wish they had some lifetime updates alternative purchasing option also, even if it was at a higher price.

Joao Marcelo de Lima
Joao Marcelo de Lima
December 27, 2021

Great service, and the best part is that you can find almost every theme and plugin here, which works perfectly. Thanks, gplcode, for such a great service. You are a boon to freelancers. Customer support is also great, they are always ready to help.

Clifton Robinson
Clifton Robinson
December 31, 2021

Simply perfect, nothing to say, the script works perfectly.

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