Durbin – A Live Tracking System


Durbin – A Live Tracking System

What is Durbin – A Realtime Location Tracking System:

Want to track your family members? Want to track your employees? Very easy and convenient way to track now.
1.Just log in to admin panel
2.Create a new user
3.Install Android App to mobile and login there
4.Turn on location and just Tap location sharing.
5.Now go back to admin panel and you will see location of that user!
It’s super easy.

Special Privileges


  • Use your own server to manage users
  • Create unlimited users



Admin panel feature:


  • Add user
  • View user’s location in google maps when they are online.
  • No dependency to firebase


Android App feature:


  • Login
  • View own location in maps.
  • See own current lat lonng
  • See notification after turned on sharing location
  • Background sending location
  • Turn of service from notification



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