Dr. LIMS (Laboratory information management system) .net mvc core | open source


Dr. LIMS (Laboratory information management system) .net mvc core | open source

Dr. LIMS (Laboratory information management system) .net mvc core application , you can use it for you laboratory, inventory products management, account, employee, patient, widal test, other all test you can get smart reports of it.

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Features Of Application

-Login ,Register, Forgot Password, Menus ,Menu access, User authentications, Multilingual , smart grids , Dashboard, charts and widgets, application setting ,other settings SMTP, exports options in pdf viewer, new transactions count line chart etc.
-Register Option with Facebook and google.


Modules are below

-Dashboard (UI charts, counts and sum of account, debit credit detail of particular account)
-Role and user, menu assign management.
-Application settings
-Master Gender Prefix, Gender, Report Format, Given Method etc.
-Test Master setup add new update tests.
-Patient History, Add doctor, patient transactions, permanent patient, widal test etc.
-Smart panel: best ui for select test for reporting, widal test.
-Accounts: Account Types, Ledger Account, Transaction, Payment Method, Status of payment.
-Inventory: Product management, vendor, stock, stock in and out history.
-Reports: Account Transaction, bills, doctor report, ledger accounts, patient cash collection, patient outstanding amount, patient received amount , patients, patient test, permanent patient, products, receipt, stock finished, test price print, stock in, vendors report, widal report.

System Requirement.

  1. Windows Server or Windows Based Hosting
  2. IIS7 OR +
  3. .Net Core 2.2 Should be Installed
  4. MS Sql Server 2008 or above version


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